School Fundraiser

Keeley’s Cause raises funds to provide iPads for children diagnosed with Autism and Intellectual disabilities across Australia. The cause based in Victoria was established by Keeley after experiencing firsthand the benefits technology can bring to children with Autism and Intellectual disabilities.

We are hoping to bring further awareness to students and schools on Autism and Intellectual Disabilities across Australia by raising funds through your school with an ‘Out of Uniform Day’?

Our goal is to help the families who can’t afford an iPad for their child where we would use the monies raised from your school to help achieve this outcome, which we know opens up a new way of learning and interaction for that child.

 Your school would be recognised for you efforts in making a difference and depending on the funds raised, your school could ultimately SPONSOR an iPad and your school has the opportunity to meet your RECIPIENT.

To be able to meet your recipient a minimum donation of $650 is required.

By your school participating it allows children to be involved and understand more about children with Special needs through awareness of what and who you are raising for which in turn will create more openness, compassion and inclusion for children with Disabilities.

To register your schools participation please fill out the attached form   once submitted you will receive a welcome pack containing further information and a poster for you to download in A4 and A3 sizing.