We use Apple iPads because they have the ability to help people living with disabilities.

Round SIX applications CLOSED 11 July 2023

Ready to apply?

Before applying online, please ensure you meet the criteria and have all the necessary documents ready for upload.

Application details below. All rounds require the following at minimum to apply.

1. You must hold a valid health care card

You will be required to have a scanned copy of your health care card ready to upload. Parents/ guardians must hold a valid healthcare card to be eligible.

✔️ Parents MUST be in receipt of a carers pension, disability support pension (blue government pension card) OR a low-income health care card (in their name with the child’s name listed). ⁠

❌ We do NOT accept a child’s green disability card.⁠

2. You must supply your child’s diagnosis

Please have a scanned copy of your child’s diagnosis ready for upload.

✔️The diagnosis must be made by a qualified physician.

3. Provide Medical Records Authorisation

You must be able to provide medical records authorisation.

We require your consent to obtain medical information pertaining to your child’s diagnosis.

4. Accept our terms and conditions

You must accept our terms and conditions. T&Cs are subject to change for each application. T&Cs are provided within each application process.

5. Terms and conditions applicable to all applications

Please note that Keeley’s Cause cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages that may occur once you have received your iPad. It is your responsibility as the recipient to take good care of the device and to pay for any repairs or replacements that may be needed in case of accidental damage or loss.

If you receive an iPad from us and it gets broken, thrown, or otherwise damaged, you will not be eligible to reapply for another one for a period of four years.

However, if you still meet our eligibility criteria at that time, you will be able to submit a new application.

To minimise the financial impact of any potential damage, we strongly suggest that you obtain insurance coverage for your device.

Medical Release Authorisation Form