Tim Bone Master Chef Keeley's Cause

Tim Bone


Tim started working as an integration aide at a Ballarat primary school in 2008, helping children with special needs. He also ran after-school programs for underprivileged kids several nights a week and then went on to run the community garden and café program. 

Whilst this was a role he loved, MasterChef gave him the support and confidence he needed to go out on his own and make food his career. He launched his gourmet toasted sandwich market stall, Tim’s Toasties, in September 2019. Tim’s Toasties has become very well-known and popular amongst Ballarat locals and visitors from nearby towns.

Ella Pardy Keeley's Cause

Ella Pardy


Ella Azura Pardy is a Perth based Paralympic 100m and 200m sprinter who is diagnosed with Autism and mild Cerebral Palsy. She competes under the T38 classification but also has ADHD and an intellectual disability.

Like many people with autism Ella’s learning difficulties have been greatly improved by using digital tools such as iPads with applications specifically designed to highlight visual learning.
Her ambition is to promote inclusion, neurodiversity and be a role model for young people particularly in the promotion of sport and a healthy lifestyle.



Kathrine is a leading advocate for disability rights and a fixture in the disability landscape in Australia. As a mother to three profoundly disabled boys, she has been working tirelessly for over a decade to bring about real change and support vulnerable Australians.

Kathrine’s incredible work as Australia’s first and only Autism, Disability & Law Enforcement trainer has been widely recognized and awarded by the NSW Police Commissioner, Queensland Police Service, and local and international organizations. Since 2018, she has been training police officers across the country free of charge. In 2020, she expanded this training to first responders and allied health workers, continuing to volunteer her time for this vital work.

As a passionate and determined individual, Kathrine is unrelenting in her pursuit of equality, inclusiveness, justice, and understanding for disabled Australians. She uses her voice to educate, promote disability rights, challenge stereotypes, and remove barriers to equal opportunity. Kathrine is a driving force behind positive change, and she welcomes others to join her in the fight for a more equitable society.

Bathany Fish Keeley's Cause

Bethany Fisher


Bethany is one of Australia’s most sought after children’s entertainer performing across the Country.

In addition Bethany has an extensive CV in Theatre, TV, Film and Commercial work,  it her true passion is performing for kids, creating a fun and safe space for everyone of all abilities to join in.

Anita Aherne


Anita, a neurodivergent mother and founder of Australia’s first autism directory and neurodiversity hub, “Living on the Spectrum” passionately advocates for inclusive environments and acceptance. Amidst the stress and overwhelm of navigating her diagnosis and her children’s diagnoses, Anita’s journey inspires others. Through advocacy and personal experiences, she empowers parents, educators, and businesses to foster acceptance of neurodiversity and create inclusive environments. The directory she created has become a global platform, providing timely access to information aimed at improving life outcomes for neurodivergent individuals. As a sought-after speaker, she drives positive change by sharing insights globally.