Assist us in Supporting them

Donations combined with our fundraising efforts help us to further assist children with the purchase of iPads.

To continue our support to those who need additional requirements for learning through technology, we require your help – as we are unable to achieve this alone. Your support enables children with additional needs the opportunities to enhance their learning and education outcomes with technology via a communication platform and tool that enables them to interact with others further promoting inclusion and equality in our society for children with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities.

If you are able to assist in our mission to make a difference, please use the form below to donate to Keeley’s Cause via our secure online payment system.

We are a DGR -1 TCC (Tax Concessions Charity) we are also a PBI (Public Benevolent Institute) for Public and Social Welfare. A tax receipt will be issued to you at the finalization of your donation.

Tell Your Story!

We’re on a mission to help families in need, and we need your help!

If you’ve received an iPad from Keeley’s Cause, share your story with us and help inspire others to get involved.

Apply now for a chance to be featured on our website and social media channels.

Drink Wine!

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Goodwill Wine donates 50% of every purchase back to Keeley’s Cause.

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Be a Super Raiser

Children of aged 6-18 can make a difference and join our Super Raiser crew!

As a Super Raiser, you can help raise funds for Keeley’s Cause and support kids around Australia by creating awareness, improving acceptance and inclusion for those living with a disability.

No amount is too small, as it all helps to make a big impact in someone’s life. You will receive a certificate of appreciation for the money raised and to thank you for your contribution.