The Story Behind Keeley’s Cause

Keeley, a Volunteer for Lions Australia and Cub member of her local Lions Club in Ballan, Victoria created Keeley’s Cause after experiencing first hand the difficulties of obtaining an Education without the use of technology,  having a diagnosis of Autism and an Intellectual Disability struggling to learn the current taught curriculum methods in schools.

Keeleys inability to complete or understand worksheets, mathematics and struggling to comprehend written information, Keeleys education was becoming a rapid decline.

Unable to source technology on a regular basis, due to unavailability in the school and lack of support and funding for technology assistance Keeley went on a quest to change all that.

Keeley created Keeleys Cause in 2017 whilst being homeschooled and starting to develop depression through being unable to attend mainstream school through distance, anxiety and being bullied those who knew her and those who didn’t.

Then Keeley’s injustice stepped in with “ We have a right to and education as much as anyone else despite our disabilities, we have dreams too and if iPads are what we need to learn then iPads is what we are going to get“  and so the quest to make a difference to other children’s lives began.

“ I’m going to do 2 sausage sizzles and raise money, then I’m going to  find 2 children that have disabilities like me and I’m going to give them an iPad each, Keeley stated.

Keeley would name it Keeley’s Cause, design the Logo herself  and her goal and mission was to  assist children diagnosed with Autism or Intellectual Disabilities with iPads to receive full time educations in schools, the ability to interact and effectively communicate with peers.

Keeley’s parents approached Ballan Lions on how Keeley could do a Sausage sizzle or two and would they require Council approval do to so. Asked why Keeley wanted to Sausage sizzles her parents explained Keeleys idea and quest to make a difference.

Ballan Lions then voted to take Keeleys Cause on as a Lions Project and from there the Cause began to flourish. Keeley had raised enough money for the first 6 iPads, also with donations from assisting clubs including Coburg and The Ballan Lioness Club which were presented to Ballarat children in February of 2018 and the support of Cather King, Labour MP for Ballarat and Samantha McIntosh, Ballarat Mayor at the time

Keeleys Cause then went on to become a lions Distrit Club Project for Lions District 201v1- 4 which has approximately 72 clubs across Victoria as part of the District that can ultimately provide support through funds and volunteer assistance.

There are a number of Lions Clubs and Districts across Australia with an estimated 1200 clubs and 19 Districts of the 201 District that cover Australia and PNG.

As an International Organisation Lions have an estimated  1.3 million men and women Lions clubs members in 205 countries which commenced in Chicago, Illinois USA in 1917 founded by Melvin Jones

Lions clubs are places where individuals join together to give their valuable time and effort to improving their communities, and the world. To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.

 Lions are groups of service-minded men and women who are interested in improving their communities. To become a Lion is to become an active volunteer, a member of a respected international organisation, a leader in your community and a friend to people in need.

Many projects and foundations are supported and created  by Lions including:  Lions Childhood Cancer Research, Lions Emergency Response, Lions  Assistance Dogs, Diabetes, Drought relief, and more.

So if you’d like to know more about becoming a Lions Club member in your area or state please visit the following link for more information:

Lions Childhoon Cancer Research

Emergency Response

Lions Diabetes Foundation

Australian Lions Hearing Dogs

So How Can Your Club Or District Support Keeley’s Cause?

If you are already a part of a Lions Club and would like to donate to Keeley’s Cause and assist children with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities with providing iPads you can click on the donate link below designed especially for Lions Clubs and their members where you can donate as a fellow lion member or as a Lions Club.

No donation is too small every dollar counts. Your Club has the choice to make a general donation of any size or if your Club would like to Sponsor an iPad/iPads there’s an option for that too

Keeleys Cause often require the assistance of local Lions Clubs to present iPads on our behalf to members of their Communities-with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities that we may be unable to attend due to distance, travel, remote locations or other circumstances and prior commitments.

If you would also like your Club assist or to take Keeleys Cause as a Project in your area then please contact Keeleys Cause Direct by sending an email to the following address OR alternatively you can contact us via our contact page on our website at

We appreciate the wonderful support of Lions Australia and the many Clubs who have already made donations and contributions to the Charity, with many having Sponsered IPads and me their recipients.

To Lions we say THANK YOU for Supporting Keeley’s Cause.

Keeley being presented with her iPad Sponsored by CRESWICK Lions Club Xmas 2018 after finding out that Keeley infact did not have her own iPad despite creating the Charity to assist others. Pictured with President of Creswick Lions Club Peter
iPad recipients pictured left 22 iPads were presented at Keeleys Cause Xmas Party 2018, with contributing Lions Club sponsors including Coburg, Melton, Heidelberg Warringal, and Creswick Pictured right Contributions including Ballan Lioness Club