Author: Sharon Murphy

Why Did You Choose Keeley’s Cause?

We choose Keeley’s cause as we felt inspired when we first learned a not yet licenced young girl doing wonderful things for the community of disabled and resource starved children. Further, when we learned that the charity was short of a vehicle in which to deliver their great services to so many children and families…
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February 24, 2022 0

Introducing iCause

Keeley’s Cause was born out of a need to provide essential iPads to children with additional needs so they can have the basic ability to learn. Fundraising has been instrumental to the charity, but with a global pandemic disrupting donation drives and crowdfunding initiatives, revenue has been significantly down. Sharon Murphy, a director of Keeley’s…
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December 15, 2021 0

Keeley’s Cause & Foodbank

Keeley’s Cause Food Bank began after a successful Giving Day for Disability families was held in December 2020 to further support them with brand new gifts, clothing, books, hampers, toys, lego and more after the COVID-19 Pandemic being a very trying time for the Disability Community. It was then decided that Keeley’s Cause would apply…
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April 22, 2021 0

Reflecting on 2020 for Keeley’s Cause!

Written by Colin Wilson, Advisory Chair of Keeley’s Cause Without doubt, 2020 has been a tough year for many people, especially our young autistic children and teenagers or those with an intellectual disability. Keeley’s Cause is an organisation to help our loved ones in need. It was founded by Keely at the age of 13.…
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December 15, 2020 0

Keeley’s Cause Ambassador, Ella Pardy, Receives UWA Award

Ambassador for Keeley’s Cause, Paralympian Ella Pardy, is delighted to receive the University of Western Australia Club Letter award. The annual UWA Sports Awards look to acknowledge students and members of UWA Sporting clubs for their service and achievements in the community. The club has highlighted Ella’s involvement in the promotion, development and betterment of…
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December 7, 2020 0

Westfield Local Heroes 2020

Keeley has been named a winner in the 2020 Westfield Local Heroes awards. Here is a link to the article on Westfield’s website: (retrieved October 27th, 2020)

October 27, 2020 0

Community Heroes Podcast – Episode #29

We have been featured in the Community Heroes Podcast, Originally published on October 22, 2020. This was a great experience and Keely has truly highlighted exactly what we do. Link to original post (retrieved October 26, 2020)

October 26, 2020 0

Congratulations from Catherine King (MP)

This is a congratulations letter from Catherine King in response to Keely winning the Diana Award. Dear Keeley I am writing to congratulate you on being awarded The 2020 Diana Award for your outstanding work in supporting children diagnosed with Autism and other intellectual disabilities. The Diana Award is the most prestigious accolade a young…
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October 15, 2020 0

Keeley Wins The Prestigious Diana Award

And what an absolute honour !  Keeley was recently nominated for the prestigious DIANA AWARD by Michael Vale, Managing Director of Keeley’s Cause, and a long time Member of Lions Australia for over 30 years. #2020dianaaward Below is a portion of the email that was sent to him on the 9th June 2020 Congratulations! I…
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August 24, 2020 0

TRIBE TALKS – Interview with Keeley’s Cause

Great interview with the girls at Thrive Tribe and Co.

July 21, 2020 0