Volunteer Ambassadors

Paige Luscombe

Hi I’m Paige a Mum of two boys who are on the spectrum. I am also on the spectrum myself. I’m an absolute lover of life, I became a volunteer ambassador for Keeley’s Cause as I believe anyone can achieve their dreams and goals despite having a disability.

I see Autism as a positive as it makes you who you are. I tell my eldest who attends a specialist school that only super hero’s can attend those type of school because it’s top secret training.

My ultimate dream job would be a paramedic. Age, race, sex, disability should never ever stop you from doing what you love. Never ever settle for ‘normal’ because who wants to be ‘normal’. Your all amazing and never stop being who you are.

Paige Luscombe

Jacinta Guirguis

Jacinta Louise is a singer/songwriter and charity busker that hopes to have her music influence the world one day. Jacinta is a proud voluntary ambassador of Keeley’s Cause, as she is inspired by Keeley’s ability to create change for kids with intellectual disabilities, by giving them a voice.

Jacinta Guirguis

Kirk Cetinic

My name is Kirk and I’m on the Autism Spectrum. I hold a Bachelor of Communication Design from swinburne University in Melbourne. Before my Degree in design, I completed certificates in Transition and Work Education, which was designed to help individuals with intellectual disabilities enter the workforce. I have also done VCAL, an alternative to VCE. In 2013, I success fully transitioned into mainstream education by doing TAFE Courses in Graphic Design. I am now working as a freelance graphic designer.

In June of 2019, I held my own design exhibition called Different, Not Defective at the TooT Gallery in St. Kilda. IT consisted of ten posters which juxtapose the traits of autistic people to the traits of neurotypical people. The posters also outline the effects of Autism-like traits in children developed through excessive screen and technology use. I found out about Keeley’s Cause when Sharon contacted me through LinkedIn, congratulating me for my exhibition.

I am hoping to be an autism advocate, where my objective would be to break down the barriers for those on the spectrum wanting to utilise their creative potential and find employment. I would also encourage those on the Spectrum to take risks, keep persisting with opportunities and not be discouraged by failure. When I am not busy designing, I dedicate myself to volunteering and assisting those in need.