Keeley’s Cause Super Raisers

Would your child like to become a Keeley’s Cause Super Raiser ? Our New Fundraiser exclusively for kids- Super Raisers

If your child would like to become a SUPER RAISER for KEELEY’S CAUSE, then please continue reading. Super Raisers is FREE of CHARGE to join and includes a Membership Certificate with their name attached to ONE of the following Super Raiser Group Categories Certificates to make them feel Superpowered to be a Keeley’s Cause Super Raiser. Dependent on their age your child could be one of the following Super Raisers: Avenger aged 5- 8 years Crusader aged 9-12 years Warrior aged 13-17 years
This Fundraiser is available to any child/children living anywhere in Australia aged 5 -17 years who would like to participate and allege their support by becoming an Honored SUPER RAISER MEMBER.  You don’t have to have a Disability to become a Super Raisers Member to support Keeley’s Cause. To further show the rest of Australia your child’s recent undertaking of becoming a member you can also purchase a Super Raisers t-shirt for $40 to wear whilst Fundraising which will have your childs Age category Super Raiser picture as shown above and on the back of the t-shirt it will say          I am a Keeley’s Cause Super Raiser so that when you are out and about Fundraising People know where you are from and who you’re supporting. Fundraising efforts will be ongoing yearly, and you can join anytime. Fundraise once or continue to fundraise throughout the year as many times as you would like the choice is up to the individual child on what they wish to do and how long for and what you as parents can offer in time to support them. So have a chat with your kids and if interested in supporting them in becoming a Super Raiser, sign them up today. All registrations for children to become a Keeley’s Cause Super Raiser MUST be Registered by a PARENT/ GUARDIAN as your child is under the age of 18 years and will require your permission to do so. You MUST also as a Parent Supervise your child/ children whilst Fundraising, Door Knocking in your local streets, shops, events for example, WE DO NOT WANT CHILDREN walking around unsupervised fundraising putting them at risk in any way. Parents, you will also receive a WELCOME PACK to share with your child/children containing the following: On Parent consent, your child’s fundraising efforts will appear on Keeley’s Cause Facebook and Instagram page, we will require a picture of your child to promote their fundraising effort. This will not happen unless Parents’ consent is given. If your child happens to raise over $500 your child and you as a Parent consent, your child/children will have their picture and fundraising story added to our Keeley’s Cause Website along with Social media stories on Facebook and Instagram Pages. ALL CHILDREN who sign up to become a SUPER RAISER will receive a Super Raiser Certificate of Appreciation for their fundraising efforts that went to further support children diagnosed with Autism or an Intellectual Disability regardless of size of funds donated Sound Exciting? We thought so too! To Register your child/children please click the following link and fill out the information: Thanks so much, we are so looking forward to seeing the amazing children that wish to pledge their allegiance in becoming a Keeley’s Cause Super Raiser.

Purchase a Super Raisers t-shirt here.

Register as a Super Raiser here.