Keeley’s Cause was born out of a need to provide essential iPads to children with additional needs so they can have the basic ability to learn.

Fundraising has been instrumental to the charity, but with a global pandemic disrupting donation drives and crowdfunding initiatives, revenue has been significantly down.

Sharon Murphy, a director of Keeley’s Cause, says her organisation has not been immune from the impact of the pandemic.

“Now that schools are returning to in person learning, we will need to lift the level of support for the most vulnerable members of our community,” Ms Murphy says.

It’s not just charities that are feeling the pinch. Businesses and individuals in Australia and around the world are feeling the financial and mental strain.

Muhammad Haider, a fundraising innovator, notes there is a “stark contrast between winners and losers,” and that help is needed now, more than ever.

For a social sector that is worth $166 billion, it is crucial to find new approaches to fundraising.

Haider has found a way. He is on a mission to revolutionise the world of giving in a way that Australia has never seen before; a way that can benefit both parties, and Keeley’s Cause is excited to be a part of it.

Introducing iCause, a donation platform providing easier ways for Australians to crowdfund and give back to their community.

It goes further than most other crowdfunding platforms by bridging the gap between those who want to donate and the causes who need the money. Those who aren’t usually in a financial position are given the opportunity to give without necessarily opening their wallet.

The revolutionary concept is straight forward.

Donate without spending a cent from your own pocket.

iCause has partnered with CheapBills, that enables people to potentially, save money on all their utility bills, ranging from broadband, electricity, gas, etc.

Individuals can donate upwards of $500 simply by switching their bill providers.

More money in their wallets whilst helping Charities and causes like Keeley’s along the way.  For example, switching electricity and gas, CheapBills will donate $87 to Keeley’s Cause!  A Win Win for both Keeley and their supporter.

“We liked the idea that people could donate to support the charity without actually putting their hands in their pockets,” says Sharon Murphy, Director, Keeley’s Cause.

“We have many families who would like to support us but don’t necessarily have the funds to do so, [with iCause] they can donate a bill and still make a difference.”

iCause is so much more than simply switching and donating. It’s never been easier to support Keeley’s Cause.

More ways to donate.

Whilst other crowdfunding platforms offer limited payment gateways, iCause makes contributing accessible to all.

Whether you want to donate $1, $10, or even $100, you can as iCause accepts not only Visa, Mastercard and Amex, but also PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

This is great for larger organisations and supporters of Keeley’s Cause such as Officeworks and Lions Australia who want to get behind the smaller charities and causes. Businesses can do more with iCause and offer Keeley better results. It is the perfect match between donation and charity.

iCause is open to everyone

So many organisations have good intentions, but iCause goes further. It firmly believes in making the world a better place for the environment, humans, and animals. Being available to anyone with a cause, it is the perfect platform for school fundraising, start-ups, and medical assistance since their reach can be extended to thousands of different beneficiaries – any that people really care about.

Australian Owned and Operated

One of the most important aspects of working with charities is where its roots lie. With its headquarters in Melbourne, iCause is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated making it even easier to crowdfund on a local level.

iCause App

Available on both iOS and Android, the innovative fundraising app allows you to set up and manage your campaign, even on the go. While most other crowdfunding apps don’t offer this sort of technology, the iCause app syncs with your phone’s contacts, enabling you to invite your friends, family, and bigger subscription lists to support your cause.

FREE and Complete Marketing Tool

The iCause platform gives you your own personal dashboard that lets you send SMSs and emails as well as track the revenue your campaign/cause is generating. Keeley’s Cause can see exactly where its funds are coming from and update its supporters quickly and easily.

Event Management Tool

As restrictions ease and Keeley’s Cause goes back to in-person fundraising events, they can use the iCause platform to host it. From creating and managing, to ticket registration, merchandise, and promotion, the iCause platform is its one-stop shop for a successful event.

How can I help?

iCause always needs people that share its vision and passion to support those who need assistance. Wanting to help as many people as possible, it is important to extend its reach.

For Keeley’s Cause, iCause plans to help more children on a global scale so they can have the same learning and communication opportunities as their peers.

Help them spread the word; tell others about how they can donate to Keeley’s Cause and others to their heart’s content, without even putting their hand in their pocket.

And if you’re an organisation, charity, or individual in need, why not create your very own page and share among your networks, both social and physical.

To learn more about iCause, check out its website below.

Support Keeley today, Donate to:

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