Sharon Murphy

Hi I’m Sharon Murphy, Company Director Keeleys Cause

I am a mother of 3 children, 2 of those have Autism and my youngest has an Intellectual Disability on top of her Autism diagnosis.

I have a Diploma in Community Welfare and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, with over 14 years experience in the Welfare Sector and over 15 years experience in the Volunteering Sector amongst different Communities.
I am also passionate about Domestic Violence Intervention Programs, having worked with a number of women over the years teaching self esteem and offering Counselling Services to those impacted by Family Violence.

I am also an active Volunteer for both Keeley’s Cause and Lions Australia in which I have been President of Ballan Lions Club for the past 3 years..

I have been with Keeley’s Cause from the date of its creation in June 2017 and have watched the Organisation flourish to a Nationally Registered Charity working behind the scenes with the founder Keeley ensuring her directions for her Cause are met.

I liaise with families and their children, advocating for the rights and inclusion of children with Disabilities.

I am responsible for the processing and selection of iPad applicants and arrange their presentations with Keeley and Sponsors, I’m honoured to be a part of this rapidly growing Charity that is uniquely created by a young girl having experienced challenges and struggles in receiving an Education.

To be able support her to empower and change the lives of others with additional needs is truly inspiring.

Sharon Murphy

Mike Vale

After purchasing land in Atkinson Street in 1982 I moved to Ballan from Melbourne’s western suburbs after having my home built by then Ballan Lions Club president, Michael Patmore. 

When I joined Lions International and specifically, the Lions Club of Ballan I had no idea what it was about apart from me purchasing a Lions Christmas cake occasionally.

I soon found the Lions to be a benevolent organisation that returns ALL of the money its members raise at the Lions market and other Lions sponsored community events back into the local and wider community in response to individuals or families falling on hard times and also the wider community as a result of natural disasters. Lions club members (Lions) pay an annual fee to remain in the club and that money goes towards the administration of Lions International and is also available as a grant to Lions clubs for specific projects.

Lions in Australia and in many countries around the world also assist in a big way with funding for medical research and disability aids for those of us with a specific disability such as sight or hearing impairment, diabetes, prostate and many other medical issues.

Thirty years on, I’ve been secretary of the Ballan Lions for around 15 years and am the new secretary for Keeley’s Cause and I’m pleased to be able to contribute my time and assistance where I can in helping to keep both entities humming along.

Keeley’s Cause was created in Ballan by energetic and committed Lions members Sharon and Gavin Murphy after a huge deficiency became apparent in the education of their daughter Keeley and kids in general who have broad spectrum autism and related intellectual disabilities and the ‘Cause hopes to address that deficiency with the assistance of sponsorship from people and businesses that are sympathetic and supportive of our vision.

Mike Vale