Keeley’s Cause & Foodbank

Keeley’s Cause & Foodbank

April 22, 2021 Community 0

Keeley’s Cause Food Bank began after a successful Giving Day for Disability families was held in December 2020 to further support them with brand new gifts, clothing, books, hampers, toys, lego and more after the COVID-19 Pandemic being a very trying time for the Disability Community.

It was then decided that Keeley’s Cause would apply for pre packed Hampers from Food Bank and we were approved for 50 per month to support our Disability families and a Partnership with Foodbank Victoria was established.

However we needed a place of residence to run the program, which proved to be quire a task in itself.

The local council Moorabool Shire were advised of our service to our Disability families and had approached us with a request.

Would we be interested in extending our program out to the local Community as there was no food relief program currently taking place and had a number of people and families  desperately requiring the service.

Absolutely we would, what an absolutely amazing question to have asked us in the beginning of a journey that would benefit and support so many people not only in the Disability Community but also in the one we live.

We have now created a lovely Network with Moorabool Shire Council, Bacchus Marsh and Ballan Police, Ballan Community House, The Neighbours place Bacchus Marsh, Food Bank, Lions Club of Ballan, Ballarat Health and many more Businesses  and Organisations that have come on board to support Keeley’s Cause Food Bank.

Thanks to the efforts and support of Senior Sergeants at both Ballan and Bacchus Marsh towards the Foodbank programKeeleys Cause was able to acquire food storage at the local Ballan police station

The commencement of this service began servicing the Community on 1st April 2021.

The program currently runs 1 day per week on Thursdays from 10am -12pm at Ballan & District Community House in the interview room.

For food Bank inquiries please contact us via this page, you are also able to contact us by phone on 0423 651 191 for any further support or inquiries

An article by the Ballarat Courier is also available to read here