We’re here because of Keeley

Keeley’s Cause provides iPads for children diagnosed with Autism and Intellectual disabilities. 

We don’t want to see another child pushed through the education system without the necessary technology to succeed.

Our Mission

To provide iPads to children with diagnosed Autism or an Intellectual disability in low-income families to help support their education and growth.

Our Values

Respect, Inclusion, Accessibility, Equality and Acceptance.

Our Impact

To ensure Keeley’s Cause supports and promotes awareness of inclusion. To ensure that kindness and acceptance are incorporated in all that we do to support Autistic and Intellectual Disability families to grow and have successful outcomes.

“Keeley has struggled with paper-based classroom work and tests all her life. Put that same test or classroom exercise on an iPad and she does 100% better”

We need to give our children a chance to thrive, and that is why we are here.

Our education system does not sit equally when it comes to assisting children who may require additional help. Public schools are more often than not faced with a [lack of] funding, and unfortunately, specialist schools and private options are not available to the community as a whole.

Keeley’s Cause was established by Keeley and her mother, Sharon, after seeing firsthand the benefits technology can bring to children with Autism and Intellectual disabilities.

Studies have shown that introducing iPads into learning situations has a positive effect on children’s development, from fine motor skills to developing ways to communicate.⁠

If an iPad was available to all of the children who require additional support, would they have a better chance at learning and communicating?

Not only communicating with their family but with their peers which would help them to feel comfortable socially?

We want to see children leaving school with the ability and option to enter the workforce and gain meaningful employment.


What about the NDIS?

Depending on your funding agreement, you may or may be able to purchase an iPad. During your application with us, we will request your NDIS number.
For some families, purchasing the latest iPad may not be within the family budget, and that’s where Keeley’s Cause can help.
Families who meet the criteria can apply for an iPad through Keeley’s Cause.

Can’t children get iPads through their school?

If your child is diagnosed with Autism or an Intellectual disability, you may have access to an iPad through their school. However, that’s where it stops. The iPad must remain at school and is often shared around the classroom with other students.
This means learning children don’t have the same opportunity to continue learning once they get home.